We think XPRESSO espresso machines and coffee beans are great!

We have searched and compared many fully automatic coffee machines with our ASUKA line, and guess what? Our machines are not only better, but offers more features and flexibility when compared to similarly priced machines from others. No other fully automatic espresso machine offer you a full feature set like our ASUKA line at comparable prices. Oh, and our machines are built to last. Taking advantage of Swiss engineering and manufacturing we strongly believe our machines are the most reliable, with operation just like a Swiss watch. We guarantee non-faulty operation of 50 cups a day, or more, on average even for the ASUKA A200 machines.

If you want a non-manned vending machine, our XPRESSO Vending machine is worth a look.
Our secret.
All of the home/office ASUKA machines have been fitted with high pressure systems which are calibrated to 15 bars of pressure to draw the very best taste from your coffee beans. Your beans are automatically ground to the perfect size, packed in a spring loaded compartment, making the coffee not too rigid nor too loose and allowing the water to flow at exactly the right rate through the ground beans. Simply, all of our machines will present you with wonderful espresso. Find out more.
Quick overview.
  • The XPRESSO line of fully automatic Asuka coffee machines make wonderful coffee.
  • Pair with our selection of gourmet roasted coffee beans and we are confident your coffee experience is enhanced noticeably.
  • Our coffee machines offer you fully automatic operation while delivering fabulous coffee day in and day out.
  • Barista style cappuccinos are within easy reach as are every other coffee, such as latte, tall black, espresso and mocha.
  • Our coffee products suit your home, office and commercial coffee needs.